Vault Total: [Loading] - Time Lock Opens in: --:--:-- - Current Winning Key Owner: 0x00

Safety Deposit Boxes Total: [Loading] - Min investment 0.001 ETH, 0.1 ETH for chance of instant win


How holds the most keys in this round? These are the players who will be making the most money every time someone buys keys! --- BEAT THEM NOW!

1 Butch Cassidy


- Keys Held

2 Al Capone


- Keys Held

3 Bonnie Parker


- Keys Held

4 Pretty Boy Floyd


- Keys Held

How to play BANK HEIST 4D

Bank Heist 4D is an Ethereum game which has evolved from the ideas developed within such games as FOMO3D, POWH3D etc. The aim of the game is to become the last player to of purchased a Vault Key before the Vault Time Lock expires. If you are the current Vault Key holder you are the Master Key holder and have access to the vault funds when it unlocks! Simple as that... or is it...

1 Keys

Start the game by buying Safe Keys, you need at least one key which costs just 0.001 $ETH.

The last person to buy a Key wins the Vault Jackpot! Winner takes all!

~ To buy enter the number you want in the KEYS box above (Or use the +n button) and then use the [BUY WITH ETH] button or if you have Returns available use [BUY WITH RETURNS].

It makes sense to buy more keys early in a game - the more you have, the more dividends you'll earn!


2 Safe Timer

The Vault Timer is constantly ticking down, when it reaches 00:00:00 the vault opens and the last person who bought a Key wins the Jackpot!

~ Every new Key bought adds 5 minutes to the time, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

~ There is a Hard Deadline for the timer... if it passes then the price of Keys starts to double every hour. This prevents the game going on endlessly and will eventually force a winner!

Always watch the clock and make sure you buy well in advance of 00:00:00!

3 Dividends/Returns

A massive 65% of all sales are distributed to all key holders! It is divided proportional to the amount of Keys held ~ so the more Keys you hold the bigger share you'll receive!

~ You can Withdraw or use your Returns Instantly to Buy new Keys - there is no lock-in period! Just use the [BUY WITH RETURNS] or [WITHDRAW] buttons

It pays to buy as many keys as possible early in each round for the biggest returns!

4 Safety Deposit Boxes

When you buy at least 100 Keys (Spend 0.1 ETH or more) you are also entered into a random draw to open a Safety Deposit Box. If the box opens (1 in 200 chance) then you will instantly win half of the current Safety Deposit Box prize.

~ The Safety Deposit Box prize is increased every time keys are sold!

As well as a chance to win the Safety Deposit Box you'll also receive free bonus keys!

Key Purchase Split

15%Goes to the current round Jackpot
65%Distributed to all investors in the round! All players in the current round get a share of this fund! The more keys you hold, the more you get!
5%Seed fund for the next round
2%Goes into the Safety Deposit Boxes - spend min 0.1 ETH for a chance to win this
3%Profit Fund - goes to BankOfEth investors (You can be part of this too)
10%Development/Marketing & Admin fund

Why 4d?

Because there are 4 Dimensions of income opportunities!

  1. Vault Jackpot Prize!
  2. Safety Deposit Prizes!
  3. Passive Income from holding Keys!
  4. Passive Incoming from Investing in


We believe smart-contract should be fully open and available for anyone to view - that way you can trust that the game is safe and your funds cannot be taken.

You can verify, audit and view our smart contract at Etherscan: 0x2239df7104fd3f4a5e464e108506e76c47858a20


We offer 3% referral bonus when you refer someone to! So when someone follows your Master Node link (Below) you will earn a full 3% of their first investment... so if they invest 1 ETH for example you would instanly earn a bonus of 0.03 ETH!

It's easy to refer people on... make sure you have your Ethereum Wallet connected and then share the link below:

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Unlock Wallet

To play BANK HEIST 4D you need a Web3 Browser and be connected to the Ethereum Mainnet.

To play Bank of Eth you must be connected to the Ethereum Blockchain mainnet - using an Ethereum Wallet or Browser such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet (For mobile users) or Brave browser.

If you already are using an Ethereum browser or Wallet please ensure you are logged into your account and using the Mainnet - and then refresh this page.

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Welcome to BANK HEIST 4D

The game where the timer ticks down to a guaranteed winner in every round!

Become the final player to buy keys and you'll win the total Vault jackpot ~ that's if you let the timer run out!

~ Keys will provide you with ETH income ~ the more Keys you hold the more income you'll receive... and the longer a round goes on the more income you'll receive!

~ Every Key bought adds 5 minutes to the timer to a maximum of 24 hours ~ some players like to keep the game going just they'll earn more money from the Keys they already own ~ some like to shoot for the jackpot prize... what's certain is you'll never leave the game empty handed!

~ There is more! Buy 100 Keys or more and we'll give you Free Keys and a chance to win an Instant Prize

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Withdraw Investment

Your current investment is: 0 Eth

The current withdrawal tax is 20% giving you a withdrawal settlement figure of: 0 ETH

It does not contain your dividends/profit - which are not taxed! You should withdraw these or reinvest them using the relavant button.

Do you wish to continue with the funds withdrawal?

Withdraw Dividends

Your current profits/dividends available for withdrawal are: 0 Eth (Including any Referral bonus you've earned).

Do you wish to continue with the dividend withdrawal?

Reinvest Dividends

Your current profits/dividends available for withdrawal are: 0 Eth (Including any Referral bonus you've earned).

Reinvesting these dividends will move them into your Investment fund - allowing you to gain a larger share of future profits

Do you wish to continue with the reinvestment?

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Games Room Coming Soon!

We are putting the final touches to the games room and they'll be here shortly!

Remember - as well as earning income from the bank profits you will also earn profit for every game we launch here too!!

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